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Individual and Group Consulting
Danced With The Devil for 14 Years.
Over 8 Years of Sobriety! 
~Your Sobriety Blueprint
~Make a Declaration
~Decide & Don't Look Back
~Discard Adversity 

Future Focus & Factors To A Healthy Productive Contributor In Life
1. Rebuilding Powerful Relationships 
2. Guidance & Accountability and Oversight
3. Commitment & Choices
4. Power Through Clarity
5. Triggers & Shifting Your Stance
6. Surface Confusion vs. Distinction
7. Resistance & Finding The Golden Nuggets
8. Confidence When Faced With Other Stance

Federal White Collar Crimes

Avoid Mistakes & Missteps After Indictment!

Understanding What Matters

-Hiring The Right Attorney
-You're the Client
-Using A Mitigation Specialist 
-Why To Plea or Not To Plea
-Importance of Your Pre-Sentence Interview (PSI)
-RDAP - Do I Qualify For Time Off
-Survival Skills
1. Whether a Family Member Of a Addict Or The Addict itself, I Can Help! 

2. Find Happiness During The Heartache and Pain of Addiction. 

3. Eliminate Denial & Getting Honest With Yourself

4. Understanding The Disease & What Can Causes it and How to Deal With Relapse!

5. When is Enabling Destructive and Tough Love The Only Option?
More About Steve Cloward
Steve is a entrepreneur with years of success importing products from China, Developing Real Estate, Real Estate Appraisal Firm, Founder of The Non Profit Bands For Freedom Foundation, Fanbandz and several other successful businesses. 
Current Projects
Consulting Addicts, Men Indicted on White Collar Crimes, Marketing Consulting for Real Estate Agents and Door to Door Sales Reps

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To schedule a consultation to see if you might be a good fit to work with me call 720-722-2978 or 801-830-2222 
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